Tornator S.R.L.

Tornator S.R.L. is owning 12.000 ha of forestland in Romania. The core business is wood production and selling harvesting rights. In addition to that, Tornator is offering management services for other forest estates belonging to various owners. Tornator is also buying forestland near the current holdings. The net sales of Tornator S.R.L. are around EUR 3 million EUR. In Romania, the company employs directly  nearly 40 forestry professionals. The main office is located in Brasov. Also, Tornator has one private forest district, located in Oituz, Bacau county.

Tornator S.R.L. is a subsidiary of the Tornator group, the parent company being Tornator Oyj from Finland. To find out more about Tornator group, please visit

The current Tornator was created in Finland in 2002 when Stora Enso divested its forestlands. Parent Company's owners are Finnish, mainly institutional investors. Tornator's mission is "generating sustainable well-being from the forest".